Ask the Question!

Ask the question: How do I make a Million Dollars?

How many Young Adults ever ask themselves that question? Not many.

Why not? You ask, “How do I get into college?” don’t you? You ask, “How do I get a job?” don’t you?

What’s so different about asking, “How do I make a Million Dollars?”

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Maybe you don’t ask that question because, well, you never thought about it. Maybe you don’t ask that question because you don’t know anyone who ever has. Or maybe you don’t dare ask the question because you haven’t got a clue about how you would get there if you did ask. Or maybe you dismiss the idea entirely by thinking, “Well, I don’t need that much money.” Really?

Why even ask the question in the first place?

The new normal for many students and families is do what you can to get into college, saddle yourself with enormous debt that takes a lifetime to pay off, do the best you can to live off a low-paying job, and good luck with starting a family and buying a house.

There’s a better way. Ask the question.

The Student Millionaire is all about getting Young Adults to take care of the money issue early in life. Why? So you can live life on your terms, not society’s. And that costs.

Without getting into a full-blown economic discussion, society’s formula remains, go to school, get a job, buy a house and invest your money in the stock market. And if you’re still alive at 65, maybe you can retire with some measure of dignity.

We’ve seen how well that formula holds up.

What if you focused early in life on finding a way to make a Million Dollars? What’s a few years early in life so you can focus on what you really want to do for the rest of your life? Sounds like a deal to me!

So ask the question.

The answer is not likely to pop up immediately. So keep asking the question. Soon, you’ll start thinking about it. Soon, you’ll start seeing opportunities. Soon, you’ll start running into interesting people. Soon, you’ll start putting it all together. Soon, you’ll be on your path to that Million-Dollar Goal, as crazy as that may seem today.

The key is to make that all-important decision to put yourself on that path, your path, staying alert to your thoughts and promptings, noticing the events, circumstances and resources that start popping up – and they will – and sorting through everything by using your intuition to only focus on the things that feel right for you.

And, my friend, you are on your way. Just remember to keep asking the question.

Rich Patenaude

Wealth Coach to Young Adults