Control Your Thoughts, Control Your Life.

I mention this phrase several times in the course of the book The Student Millionaire: Control your thoughts, Control your life. But it’s so important, so critical to your desired outcomes, it warrants another mention here.

Your thoughts and curiosity about becoming a Millionaire led you to this website. You are reading this Blog and, hopefully, you have a copy of the book. You are focusing your thoughts on these things and by doing so, you are moving your life in this direction. Think about all the different little things you do in the course of the day. You first think about them, and then you do them.

Interestingly, this same process applies to all things big and small. If this is so, then why not choose to spend some of that time in the course of your day thinking about something big in your life like becoming a Millionaire? If the process is indeed the same for all things, what do you think would happen if you spent a few minutes every day thinking about becoming and being a Millionaire? Over time, you would actually become one. How cool is that?

If you thought about being a millionaire every day, even just reading your Million-Dollar 3×5 “ticket” to yourself every morning and every evening in front of a mirror, looking yourself directly in the eye, what do you think would happen? You would start getting thoughts about actually becoming and being a Millionaire. You would start thinking of ways to achieve that Million-Dollar target. You would start getting ideas about how you might get there.

One of those ideas might very well be what a friend of mine calls a Zingwhacker idea! This is one of those lightning bolts you get every now and then that is sheer inspiration. It’s so simple, so clear, you wonder why on earth you never thought of it before. That’s because the idea didn’t come from earth or anyone around you. It came by way of your intuition from the other side.

By focusing your thoughts on the idea of being a Millionaire, you give your subconscious mind a direct order to get to work. Your subconscious mind, ever your faithful and diligent servant, activates the Law of Attraction on your behalf. The Universe, in turn, takes stock of your desires and wishes, along with your gifts, talents, passions, interests, personality, and to whom you are connected at the moment, and starts moving and bringing things your way, including that brilliant Zingwhacker of an idea you got hat just blew you away.

We all are the sum total of what we think about the most. That’s just how it works, people.

Until next time,

Rich Patenaude
Wealth Coach to Young Adults