Expect to Be a Millionaire!

Expecting to be a Millionaire should be as common as expecting to graduate from High School!

And why not? You expect to get through High School, don’t you? You expect someday to own a home, don’t you? You expect to have a job that allows you to do these things, don’t you? So why not expect to be a Millionaire?

Think about it. Why is expecting to be a Millionaire so not on your list of things you expect to happen to you, to come into your life, to bless you when you graduate from High School?

Simple. As a Young Adult, you’re not taught that being a Millionaire is normal, that being a Millionaire is something that is to be expected, that being a Millionaire is a blessing not granted to only a chosen few but is something God makes available to anyone who so desires it.

Let me give you a fabulous example: Queen Latifah. Now Queen Latifah wasn’t always Queen Latifah. She once was an ordinary person with an ordinary life who one day decided she could be more, she could do more, and she could have a better life.

The operative word here is DECIDED! She made the decision to change her life, and her life started changing from that moment on. If you had a chance to ask her, I am absolutely certain she remembers when that happened. She made the decision that she was worth more than the world was leading her to believe at the time.

The world didn’t change, she changed! She decided that her life would be different and began taking action to make it so. That’s how you start to make things different for yourself: you make the decision to do so.

When Queen Latifah decided to pick that fabulous name and made it hers, people took note and began treating her like a Queen. She expected it. She set those wheels in motion and things started happening. The Universe conspired to bring her the things she wanted because she put them in her thoughts, intended them to happen and took action when she needed to. She will readily tell you that this is exactly how it happened.

Did it happen overnight? No. But it did happen and continues to happen today. It also helps if you’re a fabulously warm human being with a heart as big as a house.

So make your decision to be a Millionaire today and see what starts happening to you.

Until next time,

Rich Patenaude
Wealth Coach to Young Adults