You can’t afford a single negative thought!

OK, I know this might seem totally unrealistic, but I can’t tell you enough how important this is. I’ve already written two Blog posts on the importance of your thoughts, how you control your life by controlling your thoughts. This one is even more important than either one of those.

We don’t realize how a negative thought impacts our life. Take a moment to think about saying something negative about someone. How do you feel when you’ve said it? What’s your energy level like? Is it light, uplifting and airy? Not likely.

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It’s vibrational. What do I mean by that? The best way to describe it is like when you say “This person is giving off a weird vibe.” When you say something like this, you’re referring to someone’s energy level, specifically the quality of the energy level that person is giving off at that particular point in time, how that person’s energy is vibrating.

When you have a negative thought, or say or think something negative about someone or something, you’re giving off a negative vibe. That negative vibe impacts your energy level at that moment in time. And depending on how strong or powerful that feeling is, or how strong that vibe is at that point in time, that negative energy could last a while.

When I’ve gotten really angry with someone, that negative energy could last as long as a day, until I’ve calmed down, composed myself and apologized for my outburst. How productive, creative and useful do you think I was for that day? Not much.

OK, you get the point. So, take a step back and observe how often you think or say something negative about someone or something in the course of your average day. We don’t realize how much of a habit this could be for us. It’s alarming! It also kills your ability to positively move forward with your life.

You now have a Million-Dollar goal or target. This is your focus, front and center, until you get there. Negative thoughts are a setback. You can’t afford any setbacks. You can’t afford ANY negative thoughts.

But that’s not realistic, you say. Really? Then make it realistic. Keep a rubber band on your wrist and snap it every time you have ANY negative thought. Make it a habit to immediately change it to a positive one until, yes, you only have positive thoughts – ALL the time.

Until next time,

Rich Patenaude
Wealth Coach to Young Adults