Celebrate Your Uniqueness!

From the time we’re children, we try so hard to fit in, to be accepted and to get along. But sadly enough, along the way, we largely lose an appreciation for what makes us us.

When I speak to a group of Young Adults, I often remind them that in the entire universe, there is no one anywhere who is exactly like you. No one else has your exact combination of personality, gifts, talents and interests.

Individuality Blog Celebrate Your Uniqueness

No one else has your exact combination of background, friends, family and connections. No one else anywhere is exactly like you. Absolutely no one. You’re it!

Appreciating this fact, appreciating yourself and who you really are, is largely why your path to your first Million-Dollar Goal is uniquely yours. Again, the process is the same for everyone, but your path to that goal is unique to you.

And this is why your path unfolds the way it does. This is why you don’t get all the answers up front, which can be frustrating. The answers have to be identified and put together specifically for you. Once you make that all-important decision to be a Millionaire and your thoughts are focused on that goal, the Great Computer in the Sky (God) maps out your path, given all the variables that exist that you need to make that goal happen.

And this is also why it takes a little time. All the stars have to line up properly and in the proper sequence. The connections must be made and the people and resources must be identified for you to achieve that Million-Dollar Goal. I suggest you give yourself a timeframe of two to five years. That may seem like a long time. But when you’re young, this is truly just a blink of an eye. Trust me.

Your uniqueness is also the source of your unique idea and contribution to the world. No one else has your Million Dollar idea in the exact unique way that you do. It may be a new take on an idea that already exists. But that take is indeed uniquely yours. When Facebook was created, MySpace already existed. But this new take on this social media application caught hold. And now, Facebook is everywhere.

If I may add one parting thought, you’re not the only one who is unique in the world. So is everyone else. We are conditioned to look for the similarities between ourselves and others: similar backgrounds, similar tastes in music, similar religious and political beliefs. I suggest that in addition to celebrating our own uniqueness, we also begin to celebrate and appreciate the uniqueness of others. What a wonderful world that would be!

Until next time,

Rich Patenaude

Wealth Coach to Young Adults