Middle School Millionaire

For those of you who may not know Farrah Gray’s story, he made his first Million Dollars at the age of 14.

Whenever someone asks me how he did that, they are asking about the vehicle he used to do it. What they don’t understand is that it’s not about the vehicle. It’s about the mindset you use to get yourself there. Enter The Student Millionaire.

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I recently had the honor and pleasure of addressing 750 Middle School students at their Career Day assembly. My message to them was the secret about how people who get rich get rich, and people who become Millionaires become Millionaires. It’s not really a secret. But as so few people seem to know about it, it may as well be.

They all start by thinking about it. And when they start thinking about it, they get ideas. And people who get rich and become Millionaires take those ideas and act on them.

Simple enough. But whenever you share this with someone, it’s always a major revelation. Who would’ve thought it was so simple?

There is a process. The process is always the same. The process has been formalized for a hundred years. And the process will be the same a hundred years from now. That process will not change. The vehicles used to create your Million Dollars may change, but the process will always be the same.

Instinctively Farrah Gray began following that process, beginning at the age of 7 when he decided to become a Millionaire. He kept his Million-Dollar Goal on his radar screen and could not have imagined when he started out how he would get himself there. But he did. And so does everyone else who follows the process.

What makes Farrah Gray’s story even more remarkable is that he was poor, his family was poor and he lived in a neighborhood where young men were expected to either be in jail or dead by the age of twenty.

The point here is that we can all create this for ourselves with whatever we have at our disposal right now. Limitations and restrictions are only in the way we think.

How many examples do you need to believe and understand this? The creator of SnapChat is 23 and was offered $3 Billion by Google for it. Yes, that’s a ‘B’. Google was offered to Yahoo for a Million Dollars in the very early days. Unbelievable but true.

And now it’s your turn to add your name to the list. Yes, you have to give it a little time. It took Farrah Gray 7 years. But he was 14 when he did it. How awesome is that?!

In The Student Millionaire, I suggest giving yourself 2 to 5 years to make your first Million Dollars. 2 is on the short side, 5 is on the long side. And today, with everything at your disposal including the Internet and smartphones, this goal is indeed so much more achievable.

I expect great things from all of you.

Rich Patenaude

Wealth Coach to Young Adults