The Importance of Putting a Deadline on Your Million-Dollar Goal.

In The Student Millionaire training, I give you a goal of $1,000,000. In Chapter Three of the book – The Goal – I describe in detail why the goal is a Million Dollars. A Million Dollars is a life-changer for most people. How would your life change if you suddenly had a Million Dollars in the bank? What would you be doing differently with your day? How would you think differently?

That’s what I mean when I say that a Million Dollars is a game-changer for most people.

Now, having a Million-Dollar goal is great. As you read the book, you discover that keeping that goal front and center in your mind impresses your subconscious mind that this is indeed something that you want, something that you’re serious about, and something that commands your focus and attention.

Your subconscious mind, ever your diligent and faithful servant, in turn takes your wish as its command and activates the Law of Attraction for you. The wheels have been set in motion. Remember, you can’t see all the wheels that are turning on your behalf. We, as mere mortals, only have our five senses to go on.

What you don’t see happening on your behalf, the Universe does. The Universe sees your intentions. It knows your gifts, talents and passions. It knows your personality. It knows who you’re currently connected to, and to whom you need to be connected to reach your Million-Dollar goal. The Universe sees all this, knows all this and sorts all this out to lay out the quickest, easiest, fastest path to your First Million Dollars.

So why, then, do you need to put a deadline on your goal if the Universe is finding you the quickest path to get you there anyway?

Do I need to remind you students how you generally handle a deadline for your term papers? Did you ever turn in a paper ahead of deadline? Ever? I rest my case.

You need to put a deadline on your Million-Dollar goal because a deadline galvanizes your thoughts and your actions. A deadline gives you a certain date by which you will achieve your goal. If you give yourself forever to get there, like your term papers, you will take forever to get there. You may be young, but you don’t have forever to get to your Million-Dollar goal. At least not in this world.

So, put a clear, definite date and deadline on your Million-Dollar target. Make it a special day like your birthday or Christmas. Make it somewhere in the 2- to 5-year range from today, and you are on your way.

Until next time,

Rich Patenaude
Wealth Coach to Young Adults