Your Million-Dollar Journey is YOUR Journey!

Of course your Million-Dollar Journey is YOUR Journey. Why else would I say that?

As you make your way through the book, make your firm decision to be a Millionaire, know the why, and set your Goal with a deadline, you set the wheels in motion to get yourself to your Million-Dollar Goal. Your thoughts – your goal – are picked up by your subconscious mind, which in turn activates the Law of Attraction on your behalf. The Law of Attraction then starts bringing to you – thoughts, people and resources – what you need to make your Million-Dollar Goal a reality. That’s just how it works.


As this process gets underway for you, many things start to happen. Thoughts about your Million-Dollar Goal trigger other thoughts along the same line. You start talking to people about it to whom you never thought to talk to about it before. People start to cross your path with business ideas for you, or with connections and resources you need to make it happen, seemingly like magic.


Remember, the Universe can see everything you need – your connections, possible events and circumstances. You can’t. It can see who are the best connections available to you now to get you started, and how best to connect you to the people you need to reach your Million-Dollar Goal, even if you can’t. The Universe knows the best way, the fastest way, the quickest way, the easiest way for you to get to your Million-Dollar Goal. You don’t.


So how do you access this information that the Universe knows but you don’t? Through your intuition. Your intuition is the portal to the Universal Library that contains all the knowledge you need to get to your Million-Dollar Goal.


More importantly, your intuition serves as your GPS to help you navigate this Universal Library, and information for whatever path you choose to get you to your Million-Dollar Goal. Many well-meaning people will want to help you get there, whether it’s in real estate, a product you invent, signing up with a multi-level marketing company, or developing an app idea of your own. Whatever actions you take, every decision you make to move yourself forward toward your Million-Dollar Goal has to feel right in and for YOU! Something excellent might have worked for someone else. But is it right for you? How does it feel when you filter it through your intuition? Does it resonate with you or are you just going along because someone suggested it to you? If so, how strongly does it resonate on a scale of 1 to 10? The closer it is to a 10, go with it. The closer it is to a 1, reconsider your options.


Finally, don’t worry about making a wrong decision. A wrong decision is usually no more fatal than missing your exit on a freeway. Just take the next exit. The nice thing about your intuition, like your GPS, is that it self-corrects if you make a wrong turn. You’ll know. You’ll just get yourself back on track. Your intuition will guide you.


Your intuition is one of God’s many and magnificent gifts. There’s no charge for using it. So make liberal use of it. Rely on yourself before you rely on others. Always filter everything through your intuition. It’s your ticket to the Million-Dollar path that’s right for you!