You Gotta Take Time to Listen to Your Intuition!

I will be saying this over and over again because it is absolutely key and you cannot become a Millionaire without doing this!
You absolutely must take the time to listen to your intuition. Why? Because your intuition will both give you or lead you to your Million-Dollar idea, and it will also show you the way to get yourself there.
And the way you listen to your intuition is to be quiet! In this day and age, quiet seems to be hard to do. But it is absolutely a must. Quiet means cell phone off, computer off, TV off, no headphones, no interruptions of ANY kind including people, cats and dogs. No disruptions means no disruptions.
Put a skull and bones KEEP OUT sign on your door, if you must. No distractions – NONE!
Now, take 20 minutes to think about your Million-Dollar Goal. Think about what it would be like to have a Million Dollars in the bank. How would it feel? Capture that feeling and remember it. Start telling yourself that this is the goal you want. Tell yourself that you want to be shown the way to your First Million Dollars. Make it a command: Show me the way to my First Million Dollars. And listen…
Now just relax and let your thoughts wander. See what comes up. Let your thoughts flow uninterrupted for at least 20 minutes. Enjoy the experience. You’ll grow to love it as you do this on a regular basis, at least once a week.
Now that you’ve taken 20 minutes to think about and contemplate your Million-Dollar Goal, have something to write on, electronic or manual, to write down what bubbled up during those 20 minutes. Don’t judge. Don’t disregard or discard anything. Write it all down in as much detail as you can remember. Just do it.
Once done, go back and have a look at what you wrote. As you read, check in with your intuition. Does anything jump out at you? Does anything make you tingle inside? If not, not to worry. You’ve taken your first steps toward your First Million-Dollar Goal. You’ve taken action. Congratulations.
Now, if you’re fortunate enough to have stumbled on to something that sparks your interest, take note of it. Your intuition is telling you something. This is something to start thinking about. This is the starting point of your next session.
In the meantime, think about the things that popped out at you. What other thoughts do they prompt in you? Do they make you think about certain people? How would these people fit in your plans? What is your intuition telling you about them?
Again, your intuition will guide you through all this. This is why you have to stay in touch with it. And that’s why you have to do this consistently, at least once a week, to keep moving yourself forward.
Do this consistently and you’ll simply be amazed at what comes up, who crosses your path, and what resources become available about which you had no idea. You’ll simply be amazed.
So remember to do your 20 minutes of quiet time. Focus on your Million-Dollar Goal. Follow that with a brain dump as completely and in as much detail as possible. When you go back and read what you wrote, notice any golden gems that speak to you. Your intuition is telling you something.
These are the beginnings of Your path to achieving your First Million-Dollars.
Until next time,
Rich Patenaude
Wealth Coach to Young Adults